Using an Electronic Scale

ShipRush can automatically pull the shipment weight from an electronic scale that is attached to your PC.  Electronic scales are attached to the USB port on the PC that runs ShipRush (virtual COM ports can allow scales to be attached to an ethernet network, but this is beyond the scope of ShipRush documentation).



Note: Technical support for scales is not part of complimentary technical support.  Hardware support is available via Z-Firm support forums (no charge) and via paid support calls with Z-Firm technical support.


Note: Only USB connected scales are supported.


The following scale models are supported via a USB connection to the PC:




If you have another model scale by one of the manufacturers listed above, contact the manufacturer and ask if the signaling is compatible with the model listed above (many are).


Scales reported as compatible by the manufacturer:



 New scales are not cheap, but when purchased on eBay a scale can often be had for a reasonable price.


  1. Attach the scale to a USB port
  2. If the scale uses AC power, connect it
  3. Turn on the scale
  4. Put something on the scale and check that the scale's display shows the proper weight
  5. Go into ShipRush Settings area
  6. Select Scales
  7. Check 'Use Scale'

  8. Set the scale type and port
  9. Press Test, it should display the rounded-up weight
  10. Close Settings
  11. Ship!


Simply use ShipRush as you normally do. The trick is to put the parcel on the scale before opening ShipRush. Then when the ShipRush form comes up, it will automatically have the parcel weight in the weight field.