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PrintRush lets your CRM system do the driving, so your users can get more done.
PrintRush creates a centralized document library so everyone has access to the most current information. And PrintRush automates merge printing—even to multiple printers in multiple locations!


  • Your team can use a central document library so everyone has access
    to current documentation.
  • Include any data in the database in documents of any complexity.
  • Automatically trigger print merge, even in high volume.
  • Centrally dispatch printing to multiple printers—even at different locations.
  • Print merge.
  • Super advanced, SQL driven print merge.
  • Custom SQL merge codes.
  • Can print to multiple printers across the LAN or WAN.
  • Mailing labels (laser and impact).
  • Support for thermal label printers (such as the Dymo).
  • Jobs can be triggered as individual files or packages of files can be submitted
    as a single job.
  • Print failures are logged back to the database.
  • Utilize advanced printer features such as: paper tray selection, stapling, and duplexing.

PrintRush integrates out of the box to these CRM systems:

ACT! 2005-2009

GoldMine, including Automated Processes and iGoldMine

SalesLogix, including the SalesLogix Web Client and SalesLogix Processes

Database Systems: Developers can integrate PrintRush to nearly any system running on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Pervasive, MySQL, and other ADO accessible databases.


Watch how PrintRush works with your CRM software.

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